Insane teacher lady: a photo essay

Sam is on my case again about blogging. But, I’m a bit too tired today (and too desperately looking forward to thanksgiving) to do a whole written blog post. So, I present you with a photo essay, comprised entirely of crappy webcam photos! Aren’t you excited??

I call it: Lunatic has a laptop. Watch and enjoy.

Once upon a time,a crazy teacher went to work, excited for what the new day would bring.


OOOH! A Brand new day!!

Despite our heroine’s happy start, the kids decided it was a good day to OUTCRAZY the crazy teacher!!! Oh joy!! First she got sad…

guuuuys, quit!!

Then she got MAD.

I believe this has literally happened at some point.

Suddenly, she was visited by a little flying devil. “Teacher,” it said, “forget that achievement gap. Throw papers at the little monsters! Storm out and never look back!!!!”

not a bad idea…

Fortunately for the little darling students, he was soon followed by a little angel. “teacher,” said the little angel, “remember why you’re here? teach the children  a love of reading! Close the achievement gap! Make significant gains! blah de blah blah!!”

The lady has a point.

So our heroine thought about the devil’s point, and thought about the angel’s point, and finally….


Decided to do something else entirely.

The end.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Alli
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 18:03:09

    This post just made me smile a bunch.


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