Wonderful World of Tacos

This was my breakfast on saturday, brought home by my wonderful roomies:

A breakfast Taco! That’s right folks, not a breakfast burrito- a breakfast taco. It may not look like much in this blurry cell phone photo (on that note, I’m hoping my new iphone will take better photos when I get it, because I never seem to have my camera with me), these are one of the best things in the valley. I’ve become uncomfortably addicted, and it may be the downfall of my health.

That baby right there is a potato and egg breakfast taco. Moist scrambled eggs and seasoned potatoes, all packaged in an amazing fresh flour tortilla. It’s my breakfast nemesis. Every morning I try not to buy one… most mornings I fail. The problem is, this taco is from a gas station. A GAS STATION. and it’s good! How is it possible to avoid that? There are two Stripes stations that make these on my way to work, one at the very beginning of my drive and one at the end. So if I avoid the temptation the first time, I usually cave at the last minute.

Resolution: I will eat less than three of these this week. Baby steps. At least I’m not addicted to the donut shop right by work. Yet.


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