I wonder what it’s like to be the head honcho…

I hit gym nirvana today– that magical moment of running bliss when life just makes sense, or at least doesn’t seem quite so hectic. Then this song came on (name that artist?):

Straight up, what did you want to learn about here?

If I was someone else, would this all fall apart?

Strange, where were you when we started this game?

I wish the real world would just stop hassling me…

It struck a chord today. Sometimes I wonder what my kids think the purpose of school is. They are honestly surprised every time I say we’re going to read. In English class. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be learning?

I talked to a very nice math teacher at my school today who gave me some good advice on controlling my crazy class. Which made me wonder, of course, would my students be better off with someone else? Someone who can keep everyone in line so they can learn more?

It also made me think about every time my students say something that annoys or frustrates me. I wonder- do they even consider what goes into “this game?” Sometimes I think teachers are the most underestimated people on the planet. Students- think you’re working hard? Try our job.

And of course, the last line needs no explaining. Real world? go away please. just let me sleep, work out, and read all day. Ok? cool.

Highs and Lows of the day:

Low- getting hit by a ball of paper, by a students who then did not understand why they would get in trouble when “I wasn’t aiming at you miss, I missed the kid I was trying to hit.”

High- getting an email from a student. They can send me messages on my class webpage, and many of them often do. It makes every frustration of my day go away when I get a message from one of my kids, especially because of the content of these messages. Most of them don’t even have homework questions, they just want to say hi, ask me how my day was, or tell me something cool that happened to them. It reminds me that I really do adore these little people. Today’s message: “hey ms salter!!(: well i really enjoy your class cuz you make it really fun with all of your activities especially on fridays(: i really cant wait to start talking to the kids from florida(:”

High school students are just plain weird. They’re a bundle of contradictions. But when it comes down to it, my students are really nice kids. and that means a lot.


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