To do (and do and do and do…)

There is so much to be done before TFA institute. It feels as if I’ll never get it all done. less than a week to go until I’ll be in Mcallen with all of the wonderful people I’ve been talking to online. They’re my reassurance– I sometimes wonder how people entered into this TFA world before facebook. I feel as if I’m already friends with many of the people I’ll meet in Mcallen, which is incredibly comforting. In the meantime, I’m trying to finish all of this, whicvh I’m being alarmingly last minute about:

  • TB Test (half done– 72 hour check on wednesday)
  • TFA pre-work
  • Classroom observations (on thursday)
  • unpack from the St. Louis move
  • Repack for the Mcallen/ Houston move
  • somehow become an adult??

When I went to get my TB test the nurse asked what I needed it for and I said “teaching high school.” She asked me, incredulously, how old I am. Fail. I should probably start wearing some makeup, it might make me look a bit older  than 12.

What a depressing post, huh? I’ll leave you with something cheerful:


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