Closing Time

Yesterday, I finished college.

I finished college??????

Yep. I finished college. I’m a grown-ass woman now. I should clarify, actually– yesterday, I had my last final of my undergraduate career (graduation, ie the official ending, is next week). It was an eventful day– my last final followed by a visit to my ear doctor to get a tube put in followed by a job interview.

The last final of my college career was rather lackluster. It was hard in the way that any final that requires two straight hours of essay writing is. But I didn’t feel challenged by it. Which should, by all accounts, be a good thing. However I have a little extra nerd in me, and I actually really love classes that challenge me. I did have one of those this semester– a seminar on “The problem of Freedom in the Americas” with my absolute favorite professor. It was a 9 person seminar that can only be described as a succulent brain massage. An amazing experience. This final, on the other hand, was pretty lame. Rather anticlimactic. But– I’m done!! No more 3am paper writing! No more cramming!

After the final I headed to the ear doctor. I have some hearing problems that have been developing since high school, so my ear doctor (he of the noticeable hair plugs) is quite familiar to me. Yesterday he put a tube in my ear which was rather discombobulating, but once I got used to it I found that it was pretty effective. My ear is popping less and my hearing is better. All good things.

After that (all of this before 5 o’clock!! like a real live adult!) I had a phone interview with a high school in Texas. I would really like to work at this school– They seem very invested in their students and supportive of their staff. It reminds me somewhat of my high school, even though this is a school four times the size of my tiny school. I tried to express to them how enthusiastic I am about the public school system, since I’m a product of public schools. Fingers crossed on that interview.

Today was the first of my senior week events– a cards game! i love baseball. To say I love it might be an understatement. The seats were awful but we had a great time! Hopefully pictures will be up soon.

The moral of this whole story is– done with college means more blogging!


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