Investing in Excitement

I’ve been thinking so much lately about becoming a teacher. Which should be expected, as it’s only, what, two months away? In June I’ll head over to Houston for a month of intensive training at Teach for America institute. It feels so close. Now I know there are an awful lot of milestones marking the path to Houston and eventually the  Rio Grande Valley: finals, senior week, finishing off the st louis bucket list with the crew, road trip to Texas with the Grumpy Old Man. That’s an awful lot to do in a month and a half. And yet it all seems to fade away in my head when I think of THE FUTURE (in ALL CAPS of course).

I’m alternately scared and excited. Excited every time I think about how much I love working with high school students. Scared at every defeated blog post I read. Excited when they’re followed by a post full of excitement and drive.  Mornings at the Museum, excited. Long discussions with GOM over a long-distance relationship, scared. TFA pre-reading, excited. TFA pre-reading, scared. Moving back to Texas, excited. Leaving St. Louis, scared. Should I keep going? I think I’ll spare my 1-4 readers the joy of a continuing list.

Right now, I’m just trying to let the excitement rule. I know that, realistically, teaching is going to be hard. Very hard. Hard being the biggest understatement of the year.  But if I’m not excited now, I won’t have any joy to carry me through when it gets hard. The way I see it, I’m investing for the future! I’m also trying to follow the cliché and live in the moment. Good friends, good school, good boyfriend. Life is… what’s the word? good.


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  1. Anna
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 06:37:59

    Ugh this was so optimistic. Disgusting.

    I think you need a batch of GOM to bring you down.

    (Just kidding!!) I think you have the right attitude for teaching! I agree you don’t want to go into it dreading it.


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