The Rhythms of the Sound

North Carolina!! Sweet, sweet Carolla.  Outer Banks. SPRING BREAK. (this should be yelled and followed by WOOHOO!! in true frat boy style).

We (being me and the general group of people I associate with/adore) have never been the kind for big, boozy college spring breaks with wet t-shirts and VD.  This is what we do instead–

We go to museums of wooden duck decoys.

Christine is a swan.

We jump on docks… in gender segregated groups.

The boys show unexpected enthusiasm

I swear I got more air than that. Brinkman couldn't capture my majesty.

Our engaged couple like to be adorable, as they are wont to do…


Say it with me- awwwwww.

we pose like historical figures…

I say napoleon hand. He says skittle pocket.

We also watch hilarious nature documentaries about wooden ducks entitled “the rhythms of the sound.” Two years ago when we were here we sat through a majestic 15 minutes of nature sounns and wooden duck construction.

Today, the projector was broken, so no movie. Heartbreaking.But the ducks, the dock, the sun? excellent. Thesis, I shall return. But for now, I’m good.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Anna
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 04:37:24

    I totally read your blog. Just to remind you.


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